Cheese making has come full circle with the opening of Neighbor Lady Cheese in December 2012. In 1856 Ansel Sachli arrived in Port Washington, Ohio from his home country of Switzerland and opened up the first butcher and cheese shop in town. He brought the art of cheese making with him and passed it along to his son Charles. Charles moved to Stubenville, Ohio and opened his own meat and cheese shop with his son Paul and called it C and P butcher and cheese shop. The art of cheese making stopped with the death of Paul Sachli, or did it? 156 years later Jan Addison is now carrying on with the family business, she is the Great granddaughter of Charles Sachli.

Having a family history of cheese making Jan was excited to learn her neighbor found a place to take classes. The two neighbor ladies began taking classes each month. It was a rough start to say the least! After several salt licks and a few hockey pucks, voila, cheese!

As an ode to her neighbor who found the classes, Jan named her business Neighbor Lady Cheese. Now began some brain storming about logo’s and labels. The horse shoe came from Jan’s other business and hobby-horses.

A lot of the names of her cheeses come from her love of all things horse. Cowgirl cheddar was a no brainer and Saloon girl just had a nice ring to it.

Alpine Jack pays tribute to her favorite hometown restaurant, the Alpine Village, as well as her heritage. Jan’s sense of humor is responsible for the playful names Home Sweet Tomme and Caber-Neigh Tomme.

Please Enjoy!!


Jan Addison

Owner/Artisan Cheese Maker