It’s starts with Milk

We use Jersey cow milk exclusively from the Twin Brook Creamery, which is located in Lynden, WA and specializes in raising their own purebred registered Jersey cows.  They also do NOT use synthetic hormones of any kind, making their milk the highest quality on the market in Washington.  The reason we use this type of milk is because the butterfat and protein content of Jersey cow milk is one of the highest among cow breeds.  This is obviously good for flavor and great for cheese making!

Heating & Stiring

One of the most important steps in the art of making cheese is to make sure the heat of the milk is constant and not too high.  Constantly stirring the milk to ensure there is no scorching.  This is where Jan’s family heritage and experience come in to play.  She puts all of that, plus a little extra love of her craft into each batch of cheese.

If you are interested in the art of making cheese, Jan loves to spread her knowledge.  She holds regular cheese making classes every year.  If you’re interested, check out our events & classes page.